Saturday, 19 January 2013

EFF donation matching in memory of Aaron Swartz

Update: We hit our $200 total within twelve hours of posting this. Thank you to everyone who donated with us!

Like many, we are very upset about the recent death of Aaron Swartz. By his death at age 26, he had already done a huge amount for Internet freedom and open access to information.

We want to do something in his memory: donating to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, who are active in many of the areas where Aaron can now no longer fight. To make more of a difference from our limited finances, we are offering to match other people's donations up to a total of $200.

If you have donated to the EFF and want us to match your donation, forward us the confirmation email you received. We will make the donation and in turn forward you our confirmation. Our email addresses are daisywheel22ATgmailDOTcom and


$200/$200 (100%)

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